Terms and Conditions in Application of Credit Cards

Credit card has become an important factor in our daily life and is always helpful to many people. It is important that you be aware of the necessities that are significant while you are requesting for a credit card. This is because it is an important document which demands a lot of responsibility from the individual that it has been issued. In view of the keenness required it is necessary that all your details are gathered before you can enjoy the benefits of using this card. The rules regarding the age for one to be allowed to apply is that the person is supposed to twenty one years in age or if being supported by their parents or having a consistent income source you can be allowed if you have reached eighteen years. Qualifying in terms of age is not the only matter and you will still need to show the basis of your funding.

Your credit history is an important factor for you to able to have access to credit card singapore and it is supposed to be favorable. Those who have no credit history can still be allowed to reap the benefits that come with having the credit card facility by banking a relevant defined amount into an account. The reason for doing this is because of the uncertainty on the credit record hence this acts like an insurance towards the service providers.

You should be able to provide your unique social security number that can be used for your identification purposes. The advantage of accurately recording the social security number of the clients is for the company providing the services to be able to identify their client in case they fail to honor their obligation in accordance with the agreement and they are trying to escape. You will not be able to enjoy access to credit card facilities if you are not capable to provide information regarding your genuine base where you are getting your funds from that will be used to settle your credit card expenses. Declaration of your source of funds to the bank is helpful to the company giving you credit card and Enjoy Compare as they will use this to rate you and place you in a suitable category that is relevant in line with your worth. It is your duty to provide correct information to the service providers, failure to do so will deny you the chance of enjoying its services and you can be sued.