Tips for Picking a Suitable Mammogram Facility

You are supposed to get yearly screening mammograms to ensure breast cancer does not delay before getting detected. However, it may not be clear to you which facility you should go to. There are many mammogram centers and choosing any is not recommendable. To settle for a great mammogram center, for example, PINK Breast Center, read here for more info.

You should look at how modern the equipment is. As technology changes, the same applies to the ability to accurately discover breast cancer. Film is being replaced with digital mammography at a fast rate, a thing that betters breast cancer in premenopausal, young and perimenopausal women as well as the ones having dense breasts. 3D mammography is linked to lower recall rates and increased cancer detection. Other centers utilize more recent technology such as C-view which avails these benefits and reduces the radiation dose given during the procedure by 40 percent as well as necessary compression time.

Make sure experience is paid attention to. You should ascertain radiologists of a mammogram facility read many mammograms because this assures they can detect abnormalities without error. Research indicates that breast imaging professional radiologists discover many cancers especially in early-stage as well as maintain a lower number of patients requested for a second mammogram test is lower than that requested by general radiologists.

Look at whether a facility is accredited. There are outlined standards of safety, training, quality assurance, and equipment. Accreditation proves that a facility has willingly gone through intense review to make sure it operates in line with all these standards. In addition to basic mammography accreditation, some facilities are termed as breast imaging centers of excellence, implying they have gotten accreditation in the entire breast imaging programs such as breast ultrasound, breast MRI, mammography, and stereotactic breast biopsy.

Ensure the facility you pick offers follow-up. Most women are called back for extra examination after a mammogram compared to the ones diagnosed with breast cancer. A callback does not please but if you are prepared and know that it does not necessarily imply anything is wrong, it helps. You should settle for a facility that avails follow-up, for example, breast ultrasound, biopsy, and/or MRI as this lowers stress since you go back to the facility you have familiarized yourself with and continue working with the very same professionals who performed the initial mammogram.

Make sure you check health insurance. Ensure you have knowledge of your health insurance coverage, if a mammogram facility is in-network and how much you will incur out-of-pocket. If you are uncertain, contact your insurance company or inquire from an individual in a facility’s billing office.