Tips for Buying a Paramotor

A paramotor is a new invention in the flight industry in recent times, ensuring that the industry is keeping up with the recent technological development. Unlike in an airplane where you are just a passenger, with a paramotor you are both the pilot and the passenger because you control it during the flight. Once you find a paramotor for sale, understand that it is different from another you might see so don’t just make the assumption when shopping for one. Regardless of where you are buying a paramotor; Aerolight or not, you need to consider the factors discussed below.

Before buying a paramotor, you must factor in your body weight because this will determine how much engine power you need to propulse you off the ground. During paramotor flight, there are certain obstacles that you are supposed to climb over, which will not be possible if you are too heavy for your engine. Paramotors are usually available with electric or manual starters and before buying one, you must consider which one will suit you better.
Before buying a paramotor, you have to consider which type of flight appeals to you the most with different styles available including cross country, low level, and thermalling among others. Choose a paramotor with a weight you can comfortably carry during takeoff and you can easily accommodate when you are landing. When considering a paramotor’s weight consider the weight of the paramotor, its engine, the fuel and all extra weight including the paramotor helmet which you will need.

After or before your flight, you will need to transport your paramotor in whichever car type you have, therefore, to ensure it is transportable, consider one with removable cage sections. Before buying a paramotor, consider the dealer you are buying from, because just like any other product, there are both good and bad paramotor manufacturers. A paramotor with a non clutched engine means that the propellers will start rotating the moment the engine is started while in clutched, the propellers will not rotate if the engine is idle.

Since some of the paramotor parts can be very costly, find out if the manufacturer can offer replacements if they break. You don’t want a paramount that will buckle on your first fall and to avoid this, you need to consider the strength of the paramotor frames. You should check it out and know the overall amount you will need to purchase one without exceeding your budget while getting one of good quality. If you are looking to buy a paramotor, these are the factors to take into consideration.